International Factoring

Are you a multi-national company with branches in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, or in Germany, France or other Western countries? Are you looking for a solution to decentralize the financing of your local activities?

Our knowledge of products is not limited solely to Czech and Slovak factoring markets. In some countries

(among them Germany, France or Poland), legislation allows for more elegant factoring solutions such as undisclosed factoring, in-house factoring and others.

This is why factoring in these countries is far more widespread in smaller and medium-size companies, while also being used by large “blue chip” companies.

Directly or through international brokers, we work with factoring companies in a number of European as well as non-European countries (Turkey, U.S.A.). Naturally though, our primary domain are markets of the Czech and Slovak Republics, their neighboring countries as well as other parts of Eastern Europe (such as Hungary, Croatia, Russia or Romania).

We will advise you and arrange factoring for you, including:

  • Product consultancy and customized solutions
  • Finding an optimal factoring partner
  • Assistance in preparing underlying documents
  • Communications among the local factoring company, local factoring recipient and its headquarters
  • Provision of local risk management services