Bulk Factoring

Standard recourse or non-recourse factoring financing is conceived as financing of key accounts of a given supplier – client of the factoring company. The Pareto principle assumes that 80% of turnover is generated by 20% of customers. Thus, in most cases, it is sufficient to finance those 20% of key accounts for the client to obtain a sufficient amount of cash for its operations.

There are, however, companies that realize most of their turnover with dozens or even hundreds of customers, from which it is impossible to select a group of relatively large ones suitable for basic factoring. These are mainly wholesalers, services providers or other companies having a clientele that is fractionalized, but – like the others, is supplied based on an invoice having a maturity date.

We have a solution for such cases, offering implementation of a simplified factoring financing structure that is suitable even for a large number of small-scale customers.

This way, you will be able to obtain working funds from a usually untapped source – receivables from small purchasers.

This form of financing is only possible to achieve as recourse factoring.

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