Risk Management

We will make available to you our factoring risk know-how, owing to which we have been able to minimize losses on bad debts. This know-how has been developed and practiced on the Czech market since 2002.

Business information - Commercial information - Risk management – Credit information

Risk Assessment

We will do for you the assessment of the creditworthiness of your business partner and provide you with business information with the below content.

Site audit = an analysis complemented by a site visit (scheduled/undisclosed)

Analysis = assessment of financial health by a risk assessor with a written output and recommendations

Screening = a fast check of all available non-financial information from public and specific sources, followed up by regular monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

You will be informed about any blockage by an executor or public administration or tax authority(ies) with respect to your partner’s real estate, about any change of its executives, registered office or scope of business, any sale bid of the receivables offered by your partner´s creditors as well as other negative information (in insolvency register, changes in VAT registrations incl. an unreliable VAT payer, non-payers in public health insurance registers, etc.).

You will receive up-to-date information about any changes in any of the monitored partners every day.

All this in an actual + rapid + format-structured + innovative + naturally cost effective manner =

ARFIN risk management.

Join us in working with tools used by bank managers.