Buyout of Receivables

We can arrange for a one-off purchase of your receivables of a good quality as well as your old and hardly recoverable bad debts.

As a matter of course, we will also arrange receivables´ collection, if you do not prefer their sale. The collection is done on the basis of a mandate agreement or an assignment for a limited period of time.

The nominal value of the receivable must be at least CZK 300 thousand; there is no maximum limit.

In resolving problematic receivables, always consider in advance if it is more advantageous for you to:

  • (a) sell the receivable for a prearranged percentage of its nominal value; or
  • (b) let a third party to collect the receivable.

We will always need to know when and on what grounds a particular receivable has arisen and whether you prefer to collect it or sell it.

Should we work together, it will be necessary for you to declare as thoroughly as possible the origin of the receivables.

Please submit us the description of any receivable you need to help with by using our contact form or by an e-mail to: