About us

ARFIN is a partner of A.U. Group, the largest brokerage company specializing in insurance and financing of receivables. Established in 1929, A.U. Group has offices worldwide. It secures business transactions in excess of EUR 200 billion.

Our ARFIN s.r.o. team has over 15 years of experience in the field of working capital financing that is based on the accounts receivables assignment – factoring.

In 2002, we began as HP Finance, s.r.o., a subsidiary of major logistic provider HOPI s.r.o. Between June 2008 and August 2012, we had been Coface Czech Factoring s.r.o., a part of the French COFACE group, the world’s second largest insurance company for trade receivables. During that time, we were also the fastest growing factoring company in the Czech and Slovak factoring markets.

We have provided factoring financing in the Czech and Slovak Republics and Hungary for local as well as international clients. We have prepared factoring solutions for local branches of multinational companies such as Tetrapak, Scholz, Hayez Lemmerz, Wienerberger, Wheelabrator Allevard, Anvis and FAGOR.

In November 2011, COFACE decided to wind up the factoring activities worldwide. The developed know-how and core of the former Coface Czech Factoring’s team have formed the basis of ARFIN s.r.o., the company which now operates the www.factoring.eu sites.

We continue to offer integrated services in receivables management that we provide either using our own capacities, or in cooperation with our trusted partners, all of whom are experts in their field.

Our primary focus remains on consultancy and mediation in factoring financing. In addition to complete coverage of the local market, we have been developing a network of international contacts to factors in several countries.

Advanced risk services are another area in which we build on the know-how developed at COFACE factoring. These services involve monitoring and assessing credibility of business partners as time-proven tools for preventing bad debts. We have successfully employed these when taking care of CZK 1 billion of factoring financing for clients in various segments of industry, services and trade.

Professional expertise, insights into various industries’ specifics, and long-term local as well as international experience in the business are the fundamentals of our work, which make it possible for us to deliver superior quality services to our clients.