Credit insurance protects your business against the risk of your receivables´ non-payment as the result of your customer´s unwillingness or inability to pay. The credit insurance is a last-resort tool to save you in an unexpected situation.

This insurance may either be part of a factoring solution in non-recourse factoring, or may be concluded separately and directly with an insurance company. The latter is particularly suitable in cases such as the pledge of receivables to lending banks, or where you do not need any financing and solely wish to cover the risk in relation to the creditworthiness of your customers.

Insurance of receivables is underwritten by specialized insurance companies, both in relation to local and international customers. Parameters of such insurance – limits of insurance coverage, insurance premiums and other contractual terms – often vary considerably.

We will arrange the following for you:

  • Continuous monitoring of your customer’s business situation, referred to as preventive monitoring,
  • Credit insurance for your entire portfolio of accounts receivable,
  • Credit insurance just for a selected part of your customers - those whom you consider more risky or whom you invoice large sums with respect to size of your portfolio.

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