Receivables Management

This is a supplementary service for dunning and maintaining records of receivables for companies wishing to outsource associated workload. The primary aim of this service is the timely collection of receivables, so that the customer duly pays at maturity.

Receivables management in fact begins before their maturity.

Receivables management may be done on the principle of factoring (but without financing of the assigned receivables), that is by assignment of the receivables, or without the transfer of rights to the receivables.

Receivables management includes the following:

  • checking that an invoice has been received and accepted by the customer
  • informing the customer that the invoice is being administered by a third party
  • monitoring negative information on the customer for the entire duration of the receivable
  • an automated process of advising the customer about the receivable becoming due
  • contacting the customer by telephone or in person at pre-agreed intervals after the maturity date of the receivable
  • if the receivable is not paid by the customer, preparing other steps with the aim of collecting the receivable

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